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Heart of Torbay

Heart of Torbay CIC is a social enterprise and we exist to help support, motivate and improve the lives and mental wellbeing of those living and working in Torbay, South Devon.

We have a strong passion and want to help enrich people’s lives no matter what their circumstance.

We have a highly experienced core team of directors and a network of local professionals who have the skills and experience to support you in the challenges and obstacles you may face.

We provide coaching, mentoring, training, talks, workshops, mediation, alternative therapies and social prescribing activities. As a business, we very much believe that everyone has a right to inclusion, to receive support and opportunities without financial barriers. The services we offer are concessionary or free dependant on level of income and we work alongside wonderful organisations and businesses across Torbay who have the heart and financial opportunity to offer the same.

One of our top values is fairness. We are at our most passionate when we are working to alleviate unfairness, whether that’s through someone not receiving the appropriate level of welfare within a work situation or helping someone to communicate better.

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Phone: 01803 363305 Website: HeartofTorbayCIC



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